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Tuesday’s Tails: Featuring Franny the Dachshund

Today’s Featured Adoptable Dog is Franny

Franny is a black & tan Dachshund that has been with
Furever Dachshund Rescue for a few months now.
At a bit over nine years old, she would classify as a senior.
But don’t worry – she’s in great shape… more on that below.

Franny - Furever Dachshund Rescue

Look deep into my sweet, soulful eyes!

Pet Peeves Monday: Deceptive Marketing

When it comes to what we feed our pets, some of us are already fiendish label readers.  We want to know every single ingredient that will be making its way into their fuzzy little bellies.

But I know that some folks still trust the slick marketing use of words like natural/nature, and I just want to encourage them to ignore those words from now on.  Forget what it says on the front of the bag, pouch, or can.  Turn it around and really read those ingredients.

Li'l Girl - Don't Feed Me Weird Stuff!

Favorite Video Friday: Henry the Dachshund

These videos aren’t new… in fact, one is rather old.  But they are still favorites! 

I know, I know… this almost goes directly against the post on car safety I wrote just recently.  But Henry enjoys himself on the dashboard of his mom’s big rig so much that I just can’t complain.

(Oops… I better add that Henry is not my Dachshund – I wouldn’t know the first thing about driving a big rig!  I just love his videos!)

Wordless Wednesday 07/24

Austin really liked this Kong doughnut toy… for about 30 minutes…

(Sorry no picture of him tearing it up, but once I realized how much of it he had destroyed,
I just wanted to get it away from him as quickly as possible.)

Austin: KONGs are my specialty!

Shredded Kong

Pet Safety Month: Car Safety – Confession Turned Warning

To be honest, I am so embarrassed that this incident happened in the first place that I was never going to write about it.  But when I saw that BlogPaws was doing Pet Safety Month for July, I talked myself into ‘fessing up.  I want our story to serve as a warning that anything can happen, especially when you’re least expecting it.

BlogPaws Pet Safety Month

People talk about car safety for pets all the time, but until something really happens, sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other.

Be Very Careful With Certain Stuffies!

You know what I’m talking about.  Stuffies as in stuffed animals, critters, creatures, monsters, or any other kind of stuffed toy we give to our dogs (or cats!) to play with.

There are tons of stuffed toys to choose from that are made specifically for pets drag around, throw around, play fetch with, and sink their teeth into.

Li'l Girl with Squeaky Toy

This is my squeaky.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Some pets are very gentle with their stuffies.  They carry them around gingerly in their mouths, dote over them, and often nap with them.

Others, like the wieners,  practically race to see how fast they can rip a stuffy open and tear its guts out.

New Collars from a Special Grrl

A few months ago, I met Jessie Walrath on Twitter.  Jessie is the head honcho (okay, she’s the only honcho) of Montana Grrl Critter Gear.  I was impressed with her and her critter goodies back then; and when she offered a 10% discount to readers here, I was glad to share that.  I don’t know if that discount code would still work, but she is often running a special of some kind, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and ask.

Well, I don’t know what took me so long to order some collars from her, but I finally did.  And I’m happy to report that they did not disappoint!  We love ’em!

In my other post, I already covered most of the things that I love about these collars, but a few things bear repeating:

Wordless Wednesday 07/17

~~ Austin ~~
“The Hex”

I had been messing with his new collar, trying to get it adjusted just right.
I’m sure this was just a mid-blink, but honestly, I think he was fed up
and ready to cast a hex on Mama.
Austin - The Hex

Crating… It’s Just Not For Us

For many, the topic of crate training is not only acceptable, it is considered a given.  I understand that a lot of people believe that all dogs should be crate-trained.

And I’m not here to argue with that.  I think that it is very helpful for dogs to be comfortable going into a crate for temporary periods of time in case you need to use one for travel, if your dog is ill or injured, if you need to separate multiple dogs during chewy time, etc.

Black & White Sunday 07/07

~~ Austin ~~

Sleeping with his Kong…
I wake him up accidentally…
He gives me the “nervous ears”…
Hmmm… I should’ve written that as a haiku
Austin with Kong

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