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Wordless Wednesday 05/29

~~ Li’l Girl & LittleBear (Rainbow Bridge 10/2012) ~~
“Here’s Looking at You”

Yes, I post a lot of pictures similar to this.  Please forgive me.
I am still working through the grief of losing LittleBear.
These photos help me to process it.
Li'l Girl & LittleBear

Black & White Sunday 05/26

~~ Austin ~~
“Piles of Pillows”

Austin - Piles of Pillows
We keep pillows all over the couches when we’re not sitting on them
to prevent the wieners from jumping up and down.
This works well for Li’l Girl… she doesn’t even attempt to jump.
Austin and his long legs, however, don’t give a rip.

Wordless Wednesday 05/22

~~ Li’l Girl & LittleBear ~~
“Squishface & Cutie”

Li'l Girl & LittleBear

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Super Sweet Blogging AwardRecently, the wieners and I received a Super Sweet Blogging Award nomination from Miss Harper Lee at The K9 Harper Lee.  This award nomination is particularly special to us because it’s our very first; and coming from Miss Harper Lee, it really means a lot.  We are very new to blogging, and have been meeting a lot of really wonderful people along the path of this journey.  Some folks are all business, some are silly, some are sweet.  The lady at the keyboard for

Black & White Sunday 05/19

~~ LittleBear (Rainbow Bridge 10/2012) ~~
“Blueberry Morning”

Licking the plate from Daddy’s pancakes.
Yes, that was a paper plate – we’re not fancy around here, ‘specially in the mornings.

Wordless Wednesday 05/15

~~ Li’l Girl ~~
“Toys Are Serious Business”

This was taken when she was on pen rest following surgery for a ruptured disc in Jan 2012 –
Dunno if I’d call it “rest” – she was feisty as ever.
Li'l Girl - Toys Are Serious Business

Black & White Sunday 05/12

~~ Li’l Girl ~~
Sun Thoughts

She looks really pensive here… deep introspection, one would think.
More likely giving the laser eyes to some unsuspecting rabbit.
Li'l Girl - Sun Thoughts

Exclusive Discount at Montana Grrl Critter Gear!

Special!  Just for the wonderful readers and followers here at Dachshund Rescue List!

Montana Grrl Critter Gear offers a wide variety of hand-crafted collars and other items for our four-legged BFFs.  Jessie, the sweet and talented owner, the Montana Grrl herself, has generously offered a discount code just for our readers.
For a 10% discount on any order, use the code WienerWords10.

Wordless Wednesday 05/08

~~ Li’l Girl (still ornery) & LittleBear (Rainbow Bridge 10/2013) ~~
Friends ’til the End

Wordless Wednesday #2

Change is on the Horizon

They say you should always finish what you start.  Well, I don’t know who THEY are, but sometimes we start things that aren’t right for us.  Sometimes change is necessary.  When you’re on a journey, sometimes you need to stop, look at the map, and change direction.A Different Path


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