Saving Gracie

Lost Dog on My Doorstep – The Story of Saving Gracie

Gracie is not a Dachshund, but a Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that showed up at our house on a Friday afternoon in late August 2013, and decided she was going to stick around.  We could not keep her ourselves, or even foster her, but we decided that we would do whatever it takes to find her a new home if we could not find her owners.
Our city shelter has very high intakes, and we feared that this sweet girl wouldn’t have much of a chance there – so we were determined to do something more for her, something better than just calling them to come get her.
People save strays all the time, but you don’t always get to know what happened in the background… what happened along the way to finding a new home.  I just wanted to share our experience – really Gracie’s experience – of how she went from being stray to being a part of a new family.


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