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Site Change has officially changed to  Blogging was something I was finding harder and harder to keep up with, so I almost decided to let go of the site entirely.  As you can see, there hasn’t been a blog post published in a very long time.  However, I was still receiving a lot of visitors to the list of Dachshund rescues, as well as a few other particular posts and pages; so I decided I wanted to keep the site around as a resource.  Since the wieners and I aren’t too wordy anymore, it didn’t really make any sense to keep the site name as it was.  I figured I might as well rename it to match the purpose it serves, so I did.  As far as I know, the rescue list is the most comprehensive list on the internet… unless someone copies and pastes it and uses it elsewhere.  I admit that would make me pretty upset, as I spent a lot of time compiling it.  The rescue list is now the home page, and the blog posts are here on another page as more of an afterthought, rather than the focus.  I’m not saying we’ll never write a post again; I’m sure that we’ll peck out a few words here and there, but now there’s no pressure to.
Thanks so much for visiting, and I want to definitely make it clear that even though I’m not actively writing blog posts, I am still here and I still answer every email I receive.  I also still read and keep up with a lot of other blogs… I’m just a quiet little mouse and don’t usually leave a comment.


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