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Lost Dog on My Doorstep: Part 3

This post is a continuation of Lost Dog on My Doorstep: Part 1 and Part 2, so if you haven’t read those, you might want to read them first to catch up.

Well, as I mentioned before, not a single no-kill shelter in town had room for Gracie, and neither did any of the rescues we contacted.  In fact, they’re all hurting for foster volunteers right now.  But, one rescue agreed to represent Gracie as a courtesy if we would cover all of her vet costs, foster her ourselves, board her, or find someone else to foster her.

Gracie - Looking Up

“Wait. Didn’t you already use this picture of me?”
Yes, Gracie. Smartypants. But I only have so many.

Lost Dog on My Doorstep: Part 2

This post is a continuation of Monday’s post, Lost Dog on My Doorstep.

At the end of that post, I indicated that we could not keep Gracie at our home while we search for her owners, as well as search for a new loving home if her owners cannot be found.  Well, we couldn’t find anyone else to foster her at that time, so we decided to board her temporarily so that she would be safe.  Being boarded isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, but it’s still better than what she’d be experiencing at the city shelter.

Gracie - Looking Pensive

Pondering her future? Don’t worry, Gracie. We’re going to make sure you get a loving home.

National Dog Day: Lost Dog on My Doorstep

On Friday afternoon, a dog came running up to us while we were out in the yard.  My husband was still out of town for work, and a couple of my brothers were over to mow the lawn.  She had a collar, but no tags, and I had never seen her before.  She was mostly clean, except that it was clear that she had just run through a muddy ditch or something because her legs and underside were wet and dirty.  She looked somewhat underweight, but it was really tough to tell with her body type.  I can only guess her as a Pit Bull Terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Something Else mix.  She has a bit of a pibble face and markings, but her body type is not quite right for a pibble.  She also has a very distinctive ridge down her back, which is why I’ve thrown in the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix guess.

Gracie - Dirty With Mud

See the ridge down her back?
And her muddy legs?

This ‘N That Thursday: Lucky Dogs

Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for This ‘N That Thursday Blog Hop.

“This ‘N That Thursday is for anything you want!  Maybe you want to post about unrelated topics, or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post, or you have awards to share, or you have one long post…anything goes!  So grab the button and join the hop!”

This 'N That Thursday Blog Hop

The wieners and I had a little winning streak lately, and I’d like to share our loot and give big thank yous for our prizes.

Tuesday’s Tails: I’m Sorry

On Tuesdays, I usually participate in the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop, which is a hop dedicated to featuring adoptable pets and networking them.

However, I have been struggling all morning to choose a sweetheart to feature.  Lately, I’ve been featuring Dachshunds from Furever Dachshund Rescue, but today I decided to roll the dice at PetFinder.  My gamble ended in tears.

Kong Wobblers – Part 2: We Were Just Faking It

A couple weeks ago, I posted about getting the wieners a couple of Kong Wobblers.  At that time, despite my showing them what to do to get the kibble/treats out, they would not do it themselves.  They would watch me intently batting away at the Kongs like a trained monkey, knocking the kibble out.  Between bites, they would look at me to knock out some more.  They seemed to understand the concept that the Wobblers needed to be knocked around for the goodies to come out, they just wanted me to be the one to do it.

Follow-Up Friday: Rescue Edition!

Today we are joining Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog and a new co-host this week, Flea, who blogs for Jones Natural Chews for Follow-Up Friday – the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

Tuesday’s Tails: Maximus & Kiki – Adoptable Dachshunds

August is Senior Pets Month,
so today I have decided to feature not one,
but two adoptable seniors!

Maximus & Kiki

Maximus & Kiki - Furever Dachshund Rescue

It’s not hard to guess what we’re doing here… waiting on treats, of course.

Be Responsible – Scoop That Poop!

Today, many pet bloggers are participating in Scoop That Poop, a campaign created and organized by Sugar the Golden Retriever, and co-hosted by Terrier Torrent, The World According to Garth Riley, and Oz the Terrier.
The campaign is exactly what it sounds like: a coordinated effort to share all the reasons why it’s important to Scoop That Poop and encourage people to do so.

Scoop That Poop Campaign

BarkDay Smiles for Sugar!!

Today is a very special day for our friend Sugar the Golden Retriever!

It’s her 12th BarkDay and we’re all celebrating with smiles!

This is an old photo, but it’s the smiliest around here…
It brings back good memories and makes us smile
so we’re sending those smiles to you!

Happy 12th BarkDay Sugar!!


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