Site Change has officially changed to  Blogging was something I was finding harder and harder to keep up with, so I almost decided to let go of the site entirely.  As you can see, there hasn’t been a blog post published in a very long time.  However, I was still receiving a lot of visitors to the list of Dachshund rescues, as well as a few other particular posts and pages; so I decided I wanted to keep the site around as a resource.  Since the wieners and I aren’t too wordy anymore, it didn’t really make any sense to keep the site name as it was.  I figured I might as well rename it to match the purpose it serves, so I did.  As far as I know, the rescue list is the most comprehensive list on the internet… unless someone copies and pastes it and uses it elsewhere.  I admit that would make me pretty upset, as I spent a lot of time compiling it.  The rescue list is now the home page, and the blog posts are here on another page as more of an afterthought, rather than the focus.  I’m not saying we’ll never write a post again; I’m sure that we’ll peck out a few words here and there, but now there’s no pressure to.
Thanks so much for visiting, and I want to definitely make it clear that even though I’m not actively writing blog posts, I am still here and I still answer every email I receive.  I also still read and keep up with a lot of other blogs… I’m just a quiet little mouse and don’t usually leave a comment.

Blog is on Hiatus

As of November 1st, 2013, the Words With Wieners (now Dachshund Rescue List) blog is on hiatus.  Will the wieners and I ever return to pecking out some posts?  Not sure yet.  However, I do still answer all emails, so if you’d like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also keep my state-by-state list of Dachshund rescues updated – so if you are looking to adopt a Dachshund, or perhaps know of a Dachshund in need of rescue, please check out that page.

Looking for pet-related discounts or coupons?  You’ll still find those here.

Monday Mischief: The New Girl

Li’l Girl at the keyboard today… Mom’s still on hiatus.  Well, apparently she can take a break from blogging, but she clearly hasn’t taken a break from being out of her fool mind. She even brought Daddy down with her this time. You’re not going to believe this, but they have gotten up to some SERIOUS mischief. Really, I think they’ve truly gone and lost their marbles.

They’ve brought another dog into MY our house.

A girl dog, even. A cute little black and tan thing. I do not like this one bit. I am to be the only cute little girl around here. They say it’s for a “trial basis”, but I know how they are… once a Dachshund’s in the house, it doesn’t leave. Daddy left for a little while on Thursday afternoon (on the 24th), but me and Austin didn’t think anything of it. Probably just going to pick us up some cheeseburgers like we commanded. NOPE. He wasn’t gone very long, and then came back with this little abomination our new guest:

Ginger - Newest Rescue


As you can see by her temporary rescue tag, her name is Ginger. See her squishy little naked tummy? Mom says it’s still shaved from her recent surgeries – she was spayed and had to have a hernia repaired. Before being rescued, she was in a bad breeder/puppy mill situation and no one knows how many litters of puppies she was forced to have. Her skin and fur are not all pretty like mine… she has lots of little scars and hairless spots from past skin infections, and her fur is patchy and coarse. Mom and Dad say it’s because she has had a very tough life and has been through a lot of bad stuff. Some little scars might even be from fights.
They say that my fur wasn’t always so pretty, either… that I had thin fur and my tail was even almost hairless when they adopted me. Not anymore.  I’m a gorgeous gal now, and I don’t remember being anything else. One of the evil witches that trim my nails groomer girls even said that my fur felt like soft velvet. I’m like, “Duh lady, the line forms that way to pet me.” But Mom and Dad said they went overboard giving me the good stuff, though, and now I’m too fat and they’re working on trimming some pounds off of me. Whatever. I’m VOLUPTUOUS. Austin is fit and thin and doesn’t seem to gain weight very easily. Typical guy.

ANYWAY, I feel really bad about Ginger’s past life, but I still don’t like her being here. Mom and Dad say that I’m jealous. Whatever. Austin’s not very happy, either… but he shows it in a different way than I do. We are all tolerating each other, but we are not being very friendly. Mom and Dad say we may get over this and we may not, which is why Ginger is here for a trial period. They say that our happiness is their priority… buuuut, I can already tell that they are falling for her. They keep saying that she’s so sweet, and I guess I will reluctantly admit that she is. She has some resource guarding issues, which is to be expected with her past. We have to give her what Mom calls “a wide berth” when she’s eating. BUT, that is already getting better and she’s getting more used to eating closer to us with no problems. If she stays, we will keep working on it. Mom and Dad were told she’d need to be fed separately, but they believe in overcoming problems (if they can) instead of accommodating them. Her other issues: cats and kids make her go berserk – we’re not fond of cats or kids, either… but we have a limit to how crazy they make us act. Ginger has no such limit. No cats or kids live here, BUT we can see them out the window and while on walks. If Ginger can even hear kids playing somewhere outside, she barks non-stop like a maniac. Mom and Dad admit they don’t have the expertise to know how to help with those issues, or if they even can be helped. Here’s the new little brat again:

Ginger - Newest Rescue

This picture makes her fur look better than it is.

Here’s a picture of the three of us looking very friendly, but believe me, looks are deceiving.  I swear if she so much as touches me, I’m going to freak out.

The Three of Us

Ginger’s on the far left; that’s me (Li’l Girl) looking extra fat in the middle; and Austin is crashed out.

And here we are looking even more friendly, but again, don’t be fooled. See how we’re kind of touching? I’m only tolerating it ‘cuz I’m sun-napping. If she moves and I feel her brush up against me, I give her a quick warning growl. I don’t care if Austin touches me… we lay touching all the time. We don’t cuddle the way me and my best pal LittleBear used to, but we’re still close in our own way. See our tails?

The Three of Us

Gosh, I look really fat in this picture. I am overweight, but I don’t look so bad standing up, I swear.

So yeah, I’m calling shenanigans here. I can’t believe they really think that I might put up with another girl in the house. We’ll see.  I don’t know how long this so-called trial period is going to last, but I’ll update on the situation soon.
OH, something else… we’ve been going on walks every day and let me tell you… three neurotic Dachshunds on a walk make for hilarious frustration for Mom and Dad. PAYBACK.

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Monday Mischief: Stuffie Secrets

Hey, this is Li’l Girl checking in!  As I mentioned the other day, Mama is still on some kind of break and I’m taking over while she’s gone.  She made an exception yesterday to post something about my very best old pal.  I can’t talk about him too much because I get too sad.
Anyway, she’s in the other room right now, and I told her frankly that she could stay there.  She wants a break – she’s got it.  Gives me time and freedom to focus on important missions, such as stuffie extermination.
Also, I am hiding from Austin too – he kills stuffies even faster than I do, so if I want some see some active combat, I have to work quickly and stealthily.  

Li'l Girl: This Stuffie is Asking for a Gutting

See how it’s just laying there? You can tell it’s just begging to be gutted.

Black & White Sunday 10/20


It has been exactly one year to the day since we lost LittleBear.
I just don’t have the strength or the words in me to write a tribute today,
but I have written about him before in a way that was like a tribute.
Today I can only say that there is no measure for how much we miss him.

LittleBear - We Miss You More Than Words Can Say

Mama Needs to Regroup… A Long Explanation

Hi everyone…

The wieners have taken over the keyboard today because Mama isn’t feeling well.  Okay, really it’s just me, Li’l Girl.  Austin’s not very good with pawing the keys.

Li'l Girl - What?

What?? Write a blog post for you? Sigh… can’t you see that there’s a stuffie that needs gutting?

Anyway, Mama has been having a very difficult time lately and is feeling very discouraged.  She has been trying to put on a good, happy face and keep things in order, but it hasn’t really been working.

This ‘N That Thursday: Good News & Not Quite Book Reviews

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Tuesday’s Tails: Featuring Lacey – An Adoptable Dachshund

Today’s Featured Adoptable Dog is Lacey

Lacey is a smooth-haired brindle Dachshund
available for adoption from Noble County PAWS
At 13 pounds, Lacey falls into the “tweenie” size range
(larger than a Mini, smaller than a Standard)
She is adult, but not senior, at six years old.

Lacey - Adoptable Dachshund

Remembering Matilda

It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news that Matilda the Greyhound,
of Matilda’s Journey, made her way to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, October 5th.  

Matilda from

Sweet Matilda
Photo credit:
(photo will also take you to Matilda’s Journey if clicked)

This ‘N That Thursday: Darned Allergies

Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs, as well as a new co-host Ruckus the Eskie, for the
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