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Be Very Careful With Certain Stuffies!

You know what I’m talking about.  Stuffies as in stuffed animals, critters, creatures, monsters, or any other kind of stuffed toy we give to our dogs (or cats!) to play with.

There are tons of stuffed toys to choose from that are made specifically for pets drag around, throw around, play fetch with, and sink their teeth into.

Li'l Girl with Squeaky Toy

This is my squeaky.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Some pets are very gentle with their stuffies.  They carry them around gingerly in their mouths, dote over them, and often nap with them.

Others, like the wieners,  practically race to see how fast they can rip a stuffy open and tear its guts out.

Crating… It’s Just Not For Us

For many, the topic of crate training is not only acceptable, it is considered a given.  I understand that a lot of people believe that all dogs should be crate-trained.

And I’m not here to argue with that.  I think that it is very helpful for dogs to be comfortable going into a crate for temporary periods of time in case you need to use one for travel, if your dog is ill or injured, if you need to separate multiple dogs during chewy time, etc.

A Story of Rescue: Bethany

I have watched quite a few videos featuring the amazing rescue efforts of Hope For Paws,
one very amazing organization making a huge difference in the lives of neglected animals everywhere.

Hope For Paws

Although they are based in Los Angeles, California, their videos have inspired a worldwide network of rescuers.  What an impact!  At the very least, the videos change the way people see stray dogs and shelter dogs, inspiring them to adopt a pet and save a life.

Not a Single Flea… Ever

Flea Closeup

Disgusting, is it not?

Fleas… they are perhaps one of the most disgusting creatures upon planet Earth.  Just look at one. →

When I was growing up, I remember our dogs having to contend with many fleas.  And because they had to contend with fleas, we had to contend with fleas.  Back then, we didn’t have all the flea prevention products that are available now.  We had flea “treatments”, which were nothing more than a temporary fix at best, if a fix at all.  And we tried everything on the market at the time: flea shampoos, flea powders, flea sprays, flea collars… you name it.  I remember being bitten quite often by fleas, since we allowed the dogs on the couches and beds, which further spread the infestation.  As a note, when dining on humans, fleas seem to love legs.  Not much else, just legs.

The Straight Poop: Part 2

Dog PoopingA while back I wrote a post called The Straight Poop and as one might guess, it was all about everyone’s favorite part of being a pet parent: poo disposal.  Well, this is somewhat of a follow-up to that post because we have recently upgraded our methods of disposing of the doggy delights.


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