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Wordless Wednesday 07/24

Austin really liked this Kong doughnut toy… for about 30 minutes…

(Sorry no picture of him tearing it up, but once I realized how much of it he had destroyed,
I just wanted to get it away from him as quickly as possible.)

Austin: KONGs are my specialty!

Shredded Kong

Wordless Wednesday 07/17

~~ Austin ~~
“The Hex”

I had been messing with his new collar, trying to get it adjusted just right.
I’m sure this was just a mid-blink, but honestly, I think he was fed up
and ready to cast a hex on Mama.
Austin - The Hex

Wordless Wednesday 06/19

“Mr. Toad”

Mr. Toad has lived in our backyard for at least a year.
He and the wieners have a mutual understanding.
“If you don’t pee on me, I won’t spray my icky toad poison in your face.”
Both have kept up their sides of the deal.
Mr. Toad was kind enough recently to allow a few close-ups…
We went over the proofs together,
and he chose these two to make the cut.

Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad

Wordless Wednesday 05/29

~~ Li’l Girl & LittleBear (Rainbow Bridge 10/2012) ~~
“Here’s Looking at You”

Yes, I post a lot of pictures similar to this.  Please forgive me.
I am still working through the grief of losing LittleBear.
These photos help me to process it.
Li'l Girl & LittleBear

Wordless Wednesday 05/22

~~ Li’l Girl & LittleBear ~~
“Squishface & Cutie”

Li'l Girl & LittleBear

Wordless Wednesday 05/15

~~ Li’l Girl ~~
“Toys Are Serious Business”

This was taken when she was on pen rest following surgery for a ruptured disc in Jan 2012 –
Dunno if I’d call it “rest” – she was feisty as ever.
Li'l Girl - Toys Are Serious Business

Wordless Wednesday 05/08

~~ Li’l Girl (still ornery) & LittleBear (Rainbow Bridge 10/2013) ~~
Friends ’til the End

Wordless Wednesday #2

Wordless Wednesday 05/01

~~ LittleBear ~~
2000 – 2012

Rest In Peace, my sweetest friend.  I think of you every single day.

Wordless Wednesday #1 - LittleBear


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