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Black & White Sunday 05/05

~~ Austin ~~
Serving up sweetness, right in your face.

Austin - B&W Closeup

The Straight Poop

Pet waste.  All pet parents have to deal with it.  The question is how.

Funny Cat Meme

CAT CAKES!  Most families with feline members use litter boxes to contain the unpleasant goodies their kitties leave behind.  The waste itself is often removed daily, with the litter being changed on a schedule determined by how often you can get the kids or spouse to do it.  Kidding.  Sort of.  We don’t have any hairball factories around here, but you can bet if we did, the litter box would be emptied often.  By the hubs, of course.  Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that can spread from cats to humans through contact with infected cat feces, is generally only dangerous for pregnant women, infants, and those with weakened immune systems.  I don’t fall into any of those categories (at least I’m pretty sure), but my germ-phobic self still isn’t going anywhere near a litter box.  The risk of toxoplasmosis, as well as the presence of other parasites and bacteria, also means that cat waste should always be disposed of properly, in a sealed bag, and put with the rest of your trash to be picked up by your municipal waste hauler.

Review Improvement

TMake Things Betterhe reviews at Words With Wieners have always been information-focused, at least so far. My approach to reviews was simple: present the facts, just the facts, and let the readers be the ones to judge. However, after re-reading some of the reviews myself and discussing them with a friend, I have decided to revise each review to include a rating system noting more personal experience. These ratings will also provide a quick overview for readers who skim and just want the broad stroke, so to speak. You can see an example of the new ratings towards the bottom of this review, which is the first to have been revised to include them.

Wordless Wednesday 05/01

~~ LittleBear ~~
2000 – 2012

Rest In Peace, my sweetest friend.  I think of you every single day.

Wordless Wednesday #1 - LittleBear


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