Black & White Sunday 05/26

~~ Austin ~~
“Piles of Pillows”

Austin - Piles of Pillows
We keep pillows all over the couches when we’re not sitting on them
to prevent the wieners from jumping up and down.
This works well for Li’l Girl… she doesn’t even attempt to jump.
Austin and his long legs, however, don’t give a rip.

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11 Responses to Black & White Sunday 05/26

  1. Ruby says:

    Adorable picture! We’ve given up keeping our dog off the couch, she even has her own spot now and expects us to move if she wants up!

    Happy B&W Sunday!
    Ruby recently posted…Black & White Sunday – May 26My Profile

    • Pam says:

      Yeah, they lounge all over the couch with us. We like having them up there as long as we’re the ones to lift them up there. The pillows are effective for keeping Li’l Girl from jumping on her own… but Austin, not so much.

  2. Slimdoggy says:

    Pillows are not an effective line of defense against sofa sleeping.

    • Pam says:

      Hehe, no… but they should be against jumping up there. Not for Austin, though! You’re right, he’s like, “Oh, you’ve put a bunch of pillows up there for me to sleep on? How kind.”

  3. Looking cozy!
    Dachshund Nola recently posted…Black and White SundayMy Profile

  4. FollowingRoy says:

    Roy attempts to jump on the couch too. He is still too small and barely reaches the top. 😀
    FollowingRoy recently posted…Black and White Sunday #4My Profile

  5. Ann Sowards says:

    I like your writing style, look forward to reading more! Following! yay go wiener dogs!

  6. I have given up trying to stop Chester and Gretel from jumping a long time ago. They wouldn’t stop jumping off the bed onto the wood floor (and subsequently splaying out) so we put our mattress on the floor 🙂
    Jessica@YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner recently posted…Dreaming of a Cross-country Bike TripMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      The wieners used to sleep in the bed with us… now they sleep in dog beds right next to the bed. BUUUT, we have totally thought about just putting the mattress directly on the floor so they can sleep with us again. We kind of need a new mattress, so maybe when we get one I can talk my husband into it once and for all ;). The things we do for them, lol. But hey, they’re our kids!

  7. When we had our 3-legged girl, we worried about her jumping too – but luckily she was careful about it. (It was impossible to stop her!)

    Now we have Rita – whose quite a good jumper – but we changed to a platform bed so it’s WAY lower. Moved our old super high bed into the guest room – where my 86-yr-old ma can barely get in it. 🙂
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Back to Normal(ish)My Profile

    • Pam says:

      LOL… well, wait… not LOL… that’s not nice. Your poor ma! Although, a high bed is better than a low bed when it comes to seniors. My mother is 77 and man, does she ever complain when encountering a low chair or sofa. Says it’s just really difficult to get up once you’re sitting down. Almost (almost) funny in public, because she always complains out loud… as in loudly… about “these damn low chairs” and how they can stick them you know where.
      But about the jumping, ever since Li’l Girl had to have back surgery for a herniated disc, we’ve had to make the house “back-friendly”, in other words, no jumping, no stairs, no steps, etc. Our efforts have worked well for Li’l Girl (and LittleBear, while he was still with us), but when we got Austin, all bets were off. I’d like to switch to a lower bed or even just put our mattress on the floor, but I don’t know if my husband will ever go for it.
      Oh boy, I would be SO worried about a three-legged sweetie jumping. But like you say, it’s so difficult to stop them. And with a larger breed, I wouldn’t even know how to try to stop them.

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