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Super Sweet Blogging AwardRecently, the wieners and I received a Super Sweet Blogging Award nomination from Miss Harper Lee at The K9 Harper Lee.  This award nomination is particularly special to us because it’s our very first; and coming from Miss Harper Lee, it really means a lot.  We are very new to blogging, and have been meeting a lot of really wonderful people along the path of this journey.  Some folks are all business, some are silly, some are sweet.  The lady at the keyboard for Miss Harper Lee is one of the very sweetest, so as nice as it was already just to receive an award nomination, it was the cream cheese frosting on the melt-in-your-mouth red velvet cupcakes to receive it from her.  I’ve been facing some ups and downs recently, so Miss Harper Lee doesn’t know it, but she really gave me an extra boost of encouragement when I needed it most.  For that, I can’t thank her enough.

It turns out, there are some rules for receiving the Super Sweet Blogging Award.  But just five… and they’re simple:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you.  ✓ Check
  • Answer five super sweet questions.  ✓ Check – see below.
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post.  ✓ Check
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen bloggers to receive the Super Sweet Blogging Award  ✓ Check – see below.  Side note: this took a lot longer than I thought it would… like many things in life, it was simple, but not easy.
  • Notify your nominees on their blogs.   ✓ Check – Doing this right now!

Now, about those five questions I mentioned… I’m going to field these, because the wieners have assured me that anything sweet is good as long as they get some.  And truthfully, they do.  Teensy-tinsy, eensy-weensy nibbles.  Just enough to feel like they’re getting some.  Sharing among the pack is important.  They’re distracted now by all this talk of sweets… onto the questions!


  1. Cookies or cakes?  What do you mean ‘or’?  Never heard of the word.  Don’t know what you’re talking about.
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?  *Examines self*  Yep, still female.  This would indicate chocolate.  Always chocolate.
  3. Favorite sweet treat?  So tough.  Three-way tie between soft, warm chocolate chip cookies/moist and decadent chocolate cake warmed up with melted butter instead of frosting/dark chocolate brownies, warm… of course, always warm.
  4. When do you crave sweet things most?  A sweet craving usually hits hard about thirty minutes to an hour after eating dinner.  I usually resist it.  Usually.
  5. Sweet nickname?  Oh dear… *blushes*  My name is Pam, and I don’t know how, but that name has garnered me a lot of nicknames over the years.  The sweetest?  One of them was Pammylicious.  Embarrassing.  You’d just have to know the person behind that nickname.  The wieners?  Oh boy, they have a million nicknames… too many to list.  They hear those more often than their real names.

Getting on to the best part… naming my nominees for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.  There’s no rule about duplicating nominees from the same list that you were on, but I’m going to make it a rule for me.  Even though they may deserve multiple nominations, I’m going to make sure not to repeat anyone from Miss Harper Lee’s listOkay, let’s get to it! 
These are all bloggers I’ve stumbled upon via different avenues, some though blog hops, some through comments on others’ blogs, some I can’t remember.  But they all have one thing in common for sure: super sweetness!
(Two side notes:  One – these are in no particular order, and two – there are many, many (MANY) amazing blogs full of sweetness out there.  Truthfully, I could nominate dozens and dozens, but you’ll have to settle for just one baker’s dozen.)

  • Sugar the Golden Retriever – Sugar has the kind of blog we all aspire to.  I can tell she’s got some very creative, very hardworking paws.  But she gets a sweet nomination because as busy as she must be, Sugar’s never too busy to spread her sweetness everywhere.  For nearly every new dog blog I discover, I find some Golden Woofs there from Sugar.  She doesn’t miss a beat.
  • Floppy Tongue Joy – Gives me smiles, whether I want them or not.  Sweetness and silliness made into pie.  Seriously good stuff.
  • Matilda’s Journey – Matilda’s sweetness just comes through the screen.  I often have the urge to hug dogs I don’t know.  With Matilda, it’s particularly strong.
  • Tales and Tails – Three greyhounds and two GSDs.  Five personalities.  One of them with a pink feather boa that gets me every time.  Oh, and there’s a really talented lady with a camera over there 😉
  • No Dog About It – Mel’s been at this a long time and it shows.  Her posts are posts to learn from.  Always.  She gets a sweet nomination because she so often blogs about stuff that really matters.  She’s well-informed and not shy about animal advocacy.  Sweet.
  • SlimDoggy – As the name implies, SlimDoggy works very hard in the fight against pet obesity… even creating an amazing app to help manage your dog’s weight.  Really sweet, huh?  But they’re super sweet because they (it’s a team of folks) never miss stopping by to say something nice on hop days.
  • Pooch Smooches –  Jackie over at Pooch Smooches is a clever and funny lady.  Her posts are always entertaining – you can tell she loves to make people smile.  Her book, “What the Dog Ate”, is definitely on my to-read list.  She gets a nomination because in addition to being a talented writer, she is incredibly sweet and friendly.  And oh, I almost forgot… her pooch Rita is a real hoot!  I’m really not sure who I like more 😉
  • Greyhounds CAN Sit – I won’t lie, I’ve got a thing for greyhounds.  These sweet ones will make my third greyhound-related nomination.  But I can’t help it.  They all make me smile.  And photos of Beryl over at Greyhounds CAN Sit really do the trick.
  • Adventures of Susie the Doxie – Like us, Susie and her human Erin are new to blogging… but they’re off to a great start and I’m impressed.  They get a sweet nomination just because I want to wish them the same warm welcome I’ve received into the community of pet bloggers.
  • 2 Brown Dawgs – I love when dogs get to do a whole lot of what they love to do. And for retrievers, it’s not hard to guess what they love. The 2 Brown Dawgs are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and anytime you stop by, you can see that their days are filled with doing what they were to born to do. I am enamored with all their photos! We love our dogs so deeply as companions, we sometimes forget that they are dogs and that their dreams are of doing doggy things. Those two brown dogs are a sweet reminder to remember that.
  • Snowieners – Two long-haired English Cream dachshunds that live in Alaska and go on many snowventures.  What could be sweeter?  I’m in love with all their pictures.
  • Our Dachshund Sophie – I just found this blog recently and I could spend days there reading about Sophie and looking at all her pictures.  Very inspirational.  Very sweet.  Oh, and her family’s pretty amazing too!  I don’t know if she’ll participate in the Super Sweet Award nomination rules, but it’s okay if she doesn’t.  I just wanted her to know how sweet she was.
  • Lovable Lily – Another recent find.  Two super sweet dachshunds writing very candidly about daily shenanigans with their super sweet family.  I’m a sucker for honesty.  Lily Belle and Muffin lay it down.  No pretenses… they’re not here to sell you anything.  And that’s sweet to me.

And that’s it folks… whew!  Again, simple… but not easy.

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15 Responses to Super Sweet Blogging Award

  1. Congrats on your award! I agree – always chocolate!!

    Thanks for the nomination! That’s so… sweet, I guess is the best word. (And don’t worry – I imagine most folks like Rita more than me – she’s kinda adorable!)

    I see I have some blogs to check out that I was not familiar with. Cool. Always fun to find new blogs. 🙂
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Chick Lit Chit Chat Blog Hop: What’s On Page 25?My Profile

    • Pam says:

      Thank you! And you’re welcome! 😉

      I love that you’re doing the Chick Lit Chit Chat Blog Hop! Checking it out right now!

  2. houndstooth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the award with us! I will admit to you right now that I’m horrible about sharing awards because I can’t remember who gave me what, and I worry about offending people if I leave someone out. I am so flattered that you like our blog, though! I’m also glad you shared the link on our blog so I could find you! 🙂
    houndstooth recently posted…And The Winner Is…My Profile

    • Pam says:

      You’re welcome!

      Many congrats again your Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose Best Photo win!! You totally deserved it! I’m in love with your photos!

  3. I love your makeover, and I am so happy to have gotten ahead of all the other bloggers who will be sending awards your way. I am also glad that my nomination came at a time when you needed a little encouragement. That’s one of the fun things about blogging: You just never know when something you post will reach someone at precisely the perfect moment. Love your nominees–some are friends I knew and some are new friends. Sweet!
    Miss Harper Lee recently posted…Black and White Sunday: ReflectionsMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      Thank you again! I really do appreciate it. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel like no one even knows that your blog exists, so getting an award is such a nice way to realize that someone, somewhere has noticed you.

  4. Thank you so much for this lovely award. Sweet stuff is right up my alley 🙂 And congratulations to you for your first, but I’m sure it won’t be last, award! I think there are almost as many Doxie blogs around as there are Greyhound blogs:)
    Greyhounds CAN Sit recently posted…Black and White Sunday – Gothic GreyhoundMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      I don’t know what it is with you Greyhound parents, but you folks produce the BEST photos!! I really love all your photos. Every single one is fantastic… I think they can’t get better, but then you go and post Gothic Greyhound. That’s a Best Photo waiting to happen!

  5. Terry Cramer says:

    You are very impressive! You just started blogging? Wow! Thank you for the award. BTW, Greyhounds CAN sit—-mine cannot!

    Terry (and non-sitting Matilda)

    • Pam says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! They really mean so much. I’m not new to running a website, but yes, I just started blogging; and this is my first time working with WordPress. I’m learning as I go!
      Well… wait… I’ve technically blogged before, but it was brief. I started a blog to document Li’l Girl’s recovery after her surgery for a herniated disc in January of 2012; but she ended up having such a great recovery that the blog was short-lived and hasn’t been updated since. I had almost forgotten about it.
      You are very welcome for the award! Yours is one of the few blogs I follow because I’ve really developed a heart for Matilda. I’d love to hear an update of how her treatment is going.

  6. Abby says:

    Thank you so much for this award nomination. It is so nice to see that others are finding inspiration in Sophie’s story. I am terrible at following through with this, but I so appreciate the nomination. I am excited to follow along with you and check out the other blogs on the list. Thank you so much!!

    • Pam says:

      It is totally fine not to follow through. I just wanted to pass on some sweet thanks for your blog. It’s definitely inspirational. Blogs like yours are so helpful to people who are facing a whole new world with their newly-paralyzed pet and are very scared and intimidated. They need to know that life isn’t over, for them or their sweet baby – it’s just going to be a little different, and they will adjust to the differences faster than they think. Sophie is a shining example of the strong spirit that all dachshund parents are keenly familiar with… a spirit that can’t be crushed just by having to live life a little differently. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  7. Susie Q says:

    Thank you very much for this nomination, although I apologize that it’s belated! I’ll definitely pass it on–we really appreciate it!
    Susie Q recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Recall!My Profile

  8. Super Sweet Blogging Award nomination 😮 I don’t know much about it but it sounds so sweet. There are many blogs out there and being nominated, I think it’s really great 🙂

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