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Monday Mischief: This Dog is Nuts

The WienerDad has been traveling for work quite a lot this year, his most recent week being the third week of August.  He usually flies out on a Monday morning and returns late Friday night.  The Sunday night before is usually spent at home – doing laundry, packing, etc.

Well, on this particular pre-travel Sunday, we decided we’d go out to eat and just get out of the house for a while together – believe me, that doesn’t happen often around here.  The wieners are left with free reign of the house while we’re gone, and this is normally no problem.  We always return to the house and the dogs (and the house) are in the same condition we left them.

Austin & Li'l Girl - You Can Trust Us

“You know we’re just counting the minutes until you leave, right?”

Thankful Thursday: Thank Yous & Good News

I don’t have a lot of time, but since I was a big ol’ worrying baby and posted something personal yesterday, it’s only fair that I update on that.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t about dogs, so if you only like reading about dogs… stop reading here.  This is just about boring old me.  Following today’s post, I hope to be back to only talking about things with four legs and fur.

Second Disclaimer:  If you don’t want the details – everything is okay and the worry was (mostly) for nothing.  You can stop reading here.  If you like details and don’t mind getting into the personal stuff, then keep reading.

A Personal Break… Maybe

This blog is supposed to be about dogs… both mine and dogs in general, so I try not to post anything personal.  But sometimes I just have to.

I am having a bit of a health scare right now.  The doc found something suspicious at my appointment yesterday, something scary and alarming, and I’m scheduled for more tests tomorrow.  Like anything else, it could be something minor or it could be something extremely serious.

I’m not being specific about what it is, because I don’t want to give any more power to it than what it already has over me, if that makes sense.  I’ll be honest, I’m very scared right now.  Hubs says I shouldn’t worry until it’s time to worry.  He’s very good at that, but I’m not.  I’m a worrier in general.  I worry about everything!  And this?  This is something to worry about.

When I know something definitive, then I will share what’s going on.  It will depend on my results and diagnosis whether I will be taking a break from the blog or not, hence the ‘maybe’.  Until then, all kind thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

I will at least update on Gracie, for those of you who are following what happens to her.

I will be deleting this post from the Triberr feed so that my wonderful tribemates (who are kind enough to share my posts sometimes, or even often) don’t inadvertently share this post.  I just wrote this for my personal readers in case I disappear for a while.

Lost Dog on My Doorstep: Part 3½

Yes, Part 3½.  This is just a short update to Part 3.  (You can also catch up on Parts 1 and 2, if you’d like to know the whole story.)

At the end of Part 3, Gracie was getting ready to have her first adoption outing at PetCo (on Saturday the 31st), then go to her new foster parents’ home immediately following.  Well, there was a minor setback.

Gracie - Sad Face

Sad face. Setbacks are no fun.


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