Lost Dog on My Doorstep: Part 3½

Yes, Part 3½.  This is just a short update to Part 3.  (You can also catch up on Parts 1 and 2, if you’d like to know the whole story.)

At the end of Part 3, Gracie was getting ready to have her first adoption outing at PetCo (on Saturday the 31st), then go to her new foster parents’ home immediately following.  Well, there was a minor setback.

Gracie - Sad Face

Sad face. Setbacks are no fun.

When we picked her up from boarding on Saturday morning and were settling up the bill, the vet’s office let us know that her fecal test had tested positive for hookworms, giardia, and coccidia.  Well poo!  Literally.
They had been giving her meds for all three while she was boarded during the week, but she hadn’t quite finished up those meds.  Because the aforementioned parasites are contagious (especially giardia), and because the foster parents have other dogs, we will not be sending her to their home until she tests all-clear.

So, she will be boarded for another week so that she can finish up her meds and have a re-test at the end of the week.  I guess it’s just as well, because she had just been spayed on Thursday and it would be good for her to recover from that a bit more before going to have rambunctious play sessions with her new furpals at her foster home.

Gracie - Looking Bummed

Gracie looking as bummed as I am about her being boarded for another week.

Everyone shared my joy that a foster family had stepped up and that she wouldn’t have to be boarded any longer.  Then BOO!!!, thanks to a few crappy parasites (pun intended, I guess), she will have to be boarded a bit longer after all.

Paws crossed that she tests clear as soon as possible, so that she can get back to being shown for adoption and get on the way to her foster family.

Thanks for keeping up with Gracie’s story.  Hopefully I’ll have much better news to share in my next Gracie post.

… Continued in Part 4.

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20 Responses to Lost Dog on My Doorstep: Part 3½

  1. Here I am catching up. Darn on the worms, but not surprising. I was most surprised that she tested negative for heart worm. Hope she recovers quickly from her spay surgery. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Monday Mischief–Storm Has Her Own IdeaMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      Yeah, me too. I was so afraid she’d be positive for heartworm, but SO relieved that she was negative. The other things can be taken care of pretty quickly and inexpensively… but heartworm treatment is expensive and takes several months. I’ve never had to treat any of my own dogs, as we’ve always kept them on preventive, but I’m always reading about what rescues go through with treating heartworm+ dogs.

  2. Soon Gracie, Soon! We hope that you’ll be feeling great in no time and that nasty bug goes away. How are you doing being boarded? We hope they are REALLY nice to you.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    • Pam says:

      She’s doing pretty well with boarding, as far as I know. She’s a real easygoing gal and just seems to be sweet on everyone even though she’s had to go through a lot.
      Soon, soon indeed. We are hoping that this coming Saturday she will get to go to the foster family.

  3. emma says:

    Hope she can get out of there soon and be rid of those awful pests. She will definitely be ready for playtime!
    emma recently posted…Lena’s Tropical Vacation | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      Hopefully soon indeed, Emma. And yes, she is already ready for playtime. When we saw her on Saturday, she was so happy and excited and we could tell that she was ready to just burst out of there and get her play on. Poor gal has to wait a little longer, but at least she’ll be healthy.

  4. houndstooth says:

    At least she’s on her way to recovery already and has a foster home lined up!
    houndstooth recently posted…Admiring Dogs At WorkMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      I know. We really lucked out on finding her a foster home. When I was busy doing her “Found” ads trying to find her original family, these folks reached out to me to foster her if we couldn’t find her home. I did some checking out of my own, and the rescue rep spoke with them and sent them a foster app; and they just seem like a great, dog-experienced family. We REALLY lucked out with them and I could not be more thankful to them for making the offer to foster.

  5. I agree that at least this set-back means she will be healthy and feeling better while she waits for her furever home! Here’s to a speedy recovery, Gracie!
    Bethany of Cascadian Nomads recently posted…Industrious Dogs on Labor DayMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      Yes, we hate that she has to be in boarding longer, but are glad to know that she will be totally healthy and feeling good for both her foster family and for her adoptive family. Ever since this gal landed on our doorstep, all we’ve wanted is to see her happy, healthy, and in a home that loves her to pieces. Gotta get that healthy part covered first.

  6. Well, that is a bummer! However, a good thing it was caught by the vet and she didn’t spread them to her new foster siblings. Hope she’ll soon be on her way to her foster family.
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Win New KONG Premium Dog Treats | Product ReviewMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      Yeah, it is a bummer… but I am definitely glad we found out when we did, so she could be treated before going to her foster family. I would’ve felt beyond bad if their dogs all picked up her sickies.

  7. Just catching up in blogville … Sending Lots of Golden Recovery. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recently posted…Dogs Know The Difference w/ Jones Natural ChewsMy Profile

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi Pam! Wanted to let a fellow pup lover know about a dog DNA kit giveaway I’m doing on my blog. If you have any friends who rescued a pup and are curious about what it’s made of, feel free to pass this on! http://www.sarahandderek.blogspot.com/2013/08/doggie-dna-giveaway-just-for-dog-lovers.html

    • Pam says:

      Thanks for stopping by; and sure, we’ll check out your giveaway! In fact, we’ve been wanting to check the DNA on one of ours for quite a while, so we’ll be sure to enter.

  9. Donna says:

    Oh crap. (literally)
    Hope the meds work so she can be on her way to her foster home. What a bummer.
    Donna recently posted…Speaking of CancerMy Profile

    • Pam says:

      Yep, crap. Literally. It is a bummer, and I found out yesterday that she has picked up Kennel Cough as well. Apparently, a dog came into boarding with it, and Gracie picked it up even though she has been vaccinated for it. Either her vaccinations were too recent to protect her or it was a strain not covered in the vaccine. You know, the same way humans can still get the flu even if they’ve had a flu shot. Anyway, another setback… not a major one, but still… the poor girl just can’t catch a break.

  10. Jodi says:

    I saw you had a part 3 1/2 in my reader so I didn’t comment on part 3. Boo that really stinks, BUT the good news is she will be healthy and healed before going to her foster home.

    We’re rooting for Gracie to find her forever home, we really are!! (And I still think you’re awesome.) 😀
    Jodi recently posted…I’ll Take Things You See on a Walk for $10 AlexMy Profile

  11. BoingyDog says:

    Oh, the sweet baby! I SO wish I could bring her home! Glad she’s getting such great care!
    BoingyDog recently posted…The Beauty of Teaching a Dog to WaitMy Profile

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