The Rules

Wieners. They can be a reckless and rowdy bunch. You gotta lay down some ground rules. Oh, who am I kidding? There are no rules around here except those regarding what goes in their bellies. If they had it their way, there would only be one rule: if it smells tasty delicious rotten disgusting interesting, it goes in their mouths… which leads to their bellies, but who has time to worry about such details?
My rules are a little different. The health and well-being of my two sausages on legs is crazy important to me. I care about the health of your dogs too. I do. I’d come through your screen and hug your dogs if I could. Because of my boundless love for not just my own dogs, but all creatures canine, I’m very persnickety (who says that?) about what I feel is safe and healthy for them to ingest. Therefore, the only chews you will find recommended here as suitable alternatives to rawhide are those that meet the guidelines set forth below. These rules also apply to any other type of treats we may feature.

  • NO rawhide and must not contain any rawhide (why no rawhide?)
  • Must contain NO corn, wheat, or soy – all three of which are very common allergens for dogs.
  • Must contain NO artificial flavors, colors, additives, or preservatives.
  • Must contain NO added sugars or sugar substitutes.  Naturally occurring sugars from base ingredients are okay, such as those from fruits, rice, tapioca, etc.
  • Must be processed or manufactured in the United States.
  • Primary ingredients must be sourced from the United States.  If primary ingredients are sourced from another country, the source country must be identified clearly.
  • Must NOT be processed or manufactured in China.  No exceptions.

Products that DO follow the rules can always be quickly found on the Dog Chew Reviews page.

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