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BestBullySticks.com Giveaway!!

BestBullySticks.comHi folks!  Chewzy Charlie is giving away a $25 gift certificate to BestBullySticks.com!  BestBullySticks isn’t sponsoring this giveaway – I chose them and am offering the prize personally.  Through the power of social networking, they found out about my giveaway and contacted me about it.  I told them that the giveaway was my idea and I was therefore willing and happy to sponsor it myself.
I chose BestBullySticks for my first giveaway because they carry many of the products I feature and much, much more.  Also important to me is that they have many happy customers – customer service is everything!  I say ‘first’ because there’s a fair-to-totally-likely chance that I will have more giveaways in the coming months ;).


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