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Monday Mischief: Stuffie Secrets

Hey, this is Li’l Girl checking in!  As I mentioned the other day, Mama is still on some kind of break and I’m taking over while she’s gone.  She made an exception yesterday to post something about my very best old pal.  I can’t talk about him too much because I get too sad.
Anyway, she’s in the other room right now, and I told her frankly that she could stay there.  She wants a break – she’s got it.  Gives me time and freedom to focus on important missions, such as stuffie extermination.
Also, I am hiding from Austin too – he kills stuffies even faster than I do, so if I want some see some active combat, I have to work quickly and stealthily.  

Li'l Girl: This Stuffie is Asking for a Gutting

See how it’s just laying there? You can tell it’s just begging to be gutted.

Kong Wobblers – Part 2: We Were Just Faking It

A couple weeks ago, I posted about getting the wieners a couple of Kong Wobblers.  At that time, despite my showing them what to do to get the kibble/treats out, they would not do it themselves.  They would watch me intently batting away at the Kongs like a trained monkey, knocking the kibble out.  Between bites, they would look at me to knock out some more.  They seemed to understand the concept that the Wobblers needed to be knocked around for the goodies to come out, they just wanted me to be the one to do it.

Kong Wobbler: Round One

Kong Wobbler

The wieners really need some more indoor activities, since it’s about 87 million degrees outside right now.  I’ve seen lately that a lot of people are using Kong Wobblers to provide a fun way to give their dogs treats, or even feed a whole meal; so I buy a couple of Wobblers and hope for the best. (As a note, I bought the small size and it is more than adequate for our use.)

Be Very Careful With Certain Stuffies!

You know what I’m talking about.  Stuffies as in stuffed animals, critters, creatures, monsters, or any other kind of stuffed toy we give to our dogs (or cats!) to play with.

There are tons of stuffed toys to choose from that are made specifically for pets drag around, throw around, play fetch with, and sink their teeth into.

Li'l Girl with Squeaky Toy

This is my squeaky.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Some pets are very gentle with their stuffies.  They carry them around gingerly in their mouths, dote over them, and often nap with them.

Others, like the wieners,  practically race to see how fast they can rip a stuffy open and tear its guts out.


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