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New Collars from a Special Grrl

A few months ago, I met Jessie Walrath on Twitter.  Jessie is the head honcho (okay, she’s the only honcho) of Montana Grrl Critter Gear.  I was impressed with her and her critter goodies back then; and when she offered a 10% discount to readers here, I was glad to share that.  I don’t know if that discount code would still work, but she is often running a special of some kind, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and ask.

Well, I don’t know what took me so long to order some collars from her, but I finally did.  And I’m happy to report that they did not disappoint!  We love ’em!

In my other post, I already covered most of the things that I love about these collars, but a few things bear repeating:

Exclusive Discount at Montana Grrl Critter Gear!

Special!  Just for the wonderful readers and followers here at Dachshund Rescue List!

Montana Grrl Critter Gear offers a wide variety of hand-crafted collars and other items for our four-legged BFFs.  Jessie, the sweet and talented owner, the Montana Grrl herself, has generously offered a discount code just for our readers.
For a 10% discount on any order, use the code WienerWords10.

Review Improvement

TMake Things Betterhe reviews at Words With Wieners have always been information-focused, at least so far. My approach to reviews was simple: present the facts, just the facts, and let the readers be the ones to judge. However, after re-reading some of the reviews myself and discussing them with a friend, I have decided to revise each review to include a rating system noting more personal experience. These ratings will also provide a quick overview for readers who skim and just want the broad stroke, so to speak. You can see an example of the new ratings towards the bottom of this review, which is the first to have been revised to include them.


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