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Monday Mischief: This Dog is Nuts

The WienerDad has been traveling for work quite a lot this year, his most recent week being the third week of August.  He usually flies out on a Monday morning and returns late Friday night.  The Sunday night before is usually spent at home – doing laundry, packing, etc.

Well, on this particular pre-travel Sunday, we decided we’d go out to eat and just get out of the house for a while together – believe me, that doesn’t happen often around here.  The wieners are left with free reign of the house while we’re gone, and this is normally no problem.  We always return to the house and the dogs (and the house) are in the same condition we left them.

Austin & Li'l Girl - You Can Trust Us

“You know we’re just counting the minutes until you leave, right?”

Pet Safety Month: Car Safety – Confession Turned Warning

To be honest, I am so embarrassed that this incident happened in the first place that I was never going to write about it.  But when I saw that BlogPaws was doing Pet Safety Month for July, I talked myself into ‘fessing up.  I want our story to serve as a warning that anything can happen, especially when you’re least expecting it.

BlogPaws Pet Safety Month

People talk about car safety for pets all the time, but until something really happens, sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other.

Be Very Careful With Certain Stuffies!

You know what I’m talking about.  Stuffies as in stuffed animals, critters, creatures, monsters, or any other kind of stuffed toy we give to our dogs (or cats!) to play with.

There are tons of stuffed toys to choose from that are made specifically for pets drag around, throw around, play fetch with, and sink their teeth into.

Li'l Girl with Squeaky Toy

This is my squeaky.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Some pets are very gentle with their stuffies.  They carry them around gingerly in their mouths, dote over them, and often nap with them.

Others, like the wieners,  practically race to see how fast they can rip a stuffy open and tear its guts out.


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