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National Dog Day: Lost Dog on My Doorstep

On Friday afternoon, a dog came running up to us while we were out in the yard.  My husband was still out of town for work, and a couple of my brothers were over to mow the lawn.  She had a collar, but no tags, and I had never seen her before.  She was mostly clean, except that it was clear that she had just run through a muddy ditch or something because her legs and underside were wet and dirty.  She looked somewhat underweight, but it was really tough to tell with her body type.  I can only guess her as a Pit Bull Terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Something Else mix.  She has a bit of a pibble face and markings, but her body type is not quite right for a pibble.  She also has a very distinctive ridge down her back, which is why I’ve thrown in the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix guess.

Gracie - Dirty With Mud

See the ridge down her back?
And her muddy legs?


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