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Food Fears: Nervous About Protein Rotation

No, no… I won’t be talking about the fear of food.  Lord knows no one is afraid of food in this house.

I’m talking about fear of new foods.  It’s something I personally struggle with; and unfortunately, it also affects how I feed the wieners.

Li'l Girl - Shiny Fur

Not the greatest picture of me,
but it does showcase my shiny coat…

Right now, for example, they are doing perfectly well on the food that they are currently on.  Soft, shiny coats, bright eyes, great skin, good stools, and just overall great health.  They are a little overweight, but that’s our fault; and I will save that discussion for another post.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that I’m constantly reading that I should be rotating their protein source.  The reasons given for doing so make perfect sense; in other words, I don’t disagree with any of the rationale behind rotating their food.  I’m simply afraid to do it.  “What if they are allergic to the new protein or some other ingredient, what if it upsets their digestive systems, what if they get skin issues, etc?”  I just can’t let go of the fear that something will go wrong.


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