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Black & White Sunday 10/20


It has been exactly one year to the day since we lost LittleBear.
I just don’t have the strength or the words in me to write a tribute today,
but I have written about him before in a way that was like a tribute.
Today I can only say that there is no measure for how much we miss him.

LittleBear - We Miss You More Than Words Can Say

Black & White Sunday 07/07

~~ Austin ~~

Sleeping with his Kong…
I wake him up accidentally…
He gives me the “nervous ears”…
Hmmm… I should’ve written that as a haiku
Austin with Kong

Black & White Sunday 06/23

~~ LittleBear ~~

At the Lakehouse in September of 2011
Not OUR lakehouse, but maybe someday…
LittleBear at the Lakehouse

Black & White Sunday 06/02

~~ Li’l Girl ~~
“Think Outside the Bed”

On the list of things important to a dachshund, getting in the sun spot ranks right up there…
even if it means laying ON the bed, instead of IN the bed.
Li'l Girl - Outside the Bed

Black & White Sunday 05/26

~~ Austin ~~
“Piles of Pillows”

Austin - Piles of Pillows
We keep pillows all over the couches when we’re not sitting on them
to prevent the wieners from jumping up and down.
This works well for Li’l Girl… she doesn’t even attempt to jump.
Austin and his long legs, however, don’t give a rip.

Black & White Sunday 05/19

~~ LittleBear (Rainbow Bridge 10/2012) ~~
“Blueberry Morning”

Licking the plate from Daddy’s pancakes.
Yes, that was a paper plate – we’re not fancy around here, ‘specially in the mornings.

Black & White Sunday 05/12

~~ Li’l Girl ~~
Sun Thoughts

She looks really pensive here… deep introspection, one would think.
More likely giving the laser eyes to some unsuspecting rabbit.
Li'l Girl - Sun Thoughts

Black & White Sunday 05/05

~~ Austin ~~
Serving up sweetness, right in your face.

Austin - B&W Closeup

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