Booda Bones

Booda BonesBooda Bones are hard-textured, bone-shaped chews for dogs that seem to be fairly popular.  I have seen them at many local stores, as well as many online retailers.  The knobby, textured surface of Booda Bones  is supposed to help remove tartar buildup and plaque from dogs’ teeth as they chew.  While we are happy to report that they are wheat-free and made in the USA, they do break three of the other rules for inclusion here at Dachshund Rescue List:

  1. Booda Bones contain a corn product: corn starch
  2. Booda Bones contain added colors: carmine and caramel color
  3. Booda Bones contain a sugar substitute: sorbitol

Consequently, we cannot recommend Booda Bones as a good alternative to rawhide at this time.  Should they ever change their formula to be more natural and not contain any corn-related ingredients, that could change.
They do seem to be very highly rated at all the online retailers that I’ve checked, so if your dog does not have a corn sensitivity, you may judge that Booda Bones are still a worthwhile alternative to rawhide.  As always, please note that just because we don’t recommend a product does NOT mean it’s a bad product or that it wouldn’t be suitable for your dog – it simply means that it doesn’t meet the requirements to be included as a featured product here at Dachshund Rescue List.
☆☆☆☆☆ Booda Bones do not have a star rating at this time.  Since the wieners don’t test any chew that breaks the rules, it would be unfair of us to rate an untested product.

Booda Bones® are a registered trademark of the PetMate company

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