Black & White Sunday 05/05

~~ Austin ~~
Serving up sweetness, right in your face.

Austin - B&W Closeup

Black & White Sunday Blog Hop

This post is part of the Black & White Sunday blog hop kindly hosted by
My Life in Blog Years, You Did What With Your Wiener, and Dachshund Nola.


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9 Responses to Black & White Sunday 05/05

  1. Snowieners says:

    What a sweet face! I have a couple doxies too!

  2. That is certainly sweet, alright!

  3. I love close-ups, especially ones as sweet as that. 🙂

  4. MelF says:

    What a wonderful photo! I absolutely love the close up. Seriously cute and wonderfully done. Wow.

  5. Terry Cramer says:

    Wow! Charlie, I thought you were a greyhound, from your close-up. I love doxies. You are so soulful. All the best, and I must apologize because my mom got a little flummoxed and my picture for Black and White Sunday is upside down. She’s looking for help! My other pictures are fine though.
    Barks and winks,

    Matilda the Brooklyn Greyhound

  6. Welcome to the black and white Sunday blog hop!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    That is one sweet face!!!

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting us 🙂 I also thought Austin was a Greyhound at first glance! I love Doxies and that is a lovely photo of Austin. He looks like a very sweet boy.

  9. Awwww, that is definitely a sweet face! Thanks for stopping by Pooch Smooches yesterday. I have a special guest blogger on today who is a big lover of Doxies. Hope you can stop on by.

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